Donald Rumsfeld: Americans Are Too Politically Correct When Discussing Radical Islam

Speaking last night on CNN’s Fareed Zakaria‘s GPS, former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld expressed regret for the caution the Bush Administration used when discussing radical Islam, and worry for the Obama Administration which has been “much worse” — “they won’t even use the word,” he says. “Tongue tied” by political correctness and principles of religious freedom, he is concerned that proper threat has not been conveyed, and that it’s therefore been difficult to defeat “the enemy.”

“I think we’ve done a not very good job,” he admitted. “We were careful and words were always sensitive and we never — you can’t win a battle of ideas, a competition of ideas, unless you describe an enemy, say who it is, say what’s wrong with it. Say what we do and why that’s what’s right.” This is, he believes, how Communism was defeated during the Cold War. He with the most colorful language gets the terrorist.

Watch for yourself below:

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