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Donald Rumsfeld Says He Should Have Stepped Down In 2004

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is coming clean about his regrets, telling ABC World NewsDiane Sawyerthat he should have stepped down in 2004 after photos of abused Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib were released to the public.

Last night, Rumsfeld told Sawyer that he approached then-President George W. Bush, asking to be allowed to resign. He shared he felt the proof of abuse by U.S. soldiers were “such a stain on our country.” You’ll recall that, at the time, six U.S. general stepped forward to very publicly call for Rumsfeld’s resignation – a fact Sawyer brings up. “All those?” said Rumsfeld, reacting to Sawyer’s question about “all those generals” stepping forward. “There were a handful of them. Come on.”

Rumsfeld also responded to claims that he was “terrifying” to subordinates:

Oh, the poor people; I terrified them! My goodness. Come on. These are people with stars on their shoulders. They’re people who are patriots. They’re people who’ve fought battles. And they weren’t terrified or intimidated. My goodness gracious.

I ask tough questions; there’s no question about it. And if someone doesn’t know the answer, it’s not fun for them.

Watch video of the segment, courtesy ABC:

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