Donald Trump Actually Admits to Using Aliases: ‘You Have to!’


You really never know who’s going to break a piece of news loose, or how. On Wednesday night’s edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live, for instance, host Jimmy Kimmel didn’t just get Donald Trump to admit that he uses aliases, he got him to fairly brag about it. What’s even more telling, though, is how he got him to do it.

Since the story resurfaced, Trump has consistently denied pretending to be his own publicist named John Miller or John Barron, even though he admitted to and apologized for it at the time. On last night’s Kimmel, he kept on denying it in the face of Kimmel’s cajoling, but then something amazing happened: Kimmel told Trump that if it had been him on the tape, it was a funny thing to do. Immediately, Trump volunteered that he uses aliases, including “Barron,” all the time:

Jimmy: And if it was you, I think it was a funny thing to do, to call a guy and take him through the wringer like that.

Trump: Over the years I’ve used aliases, especially when I was in Brooklyn and wanted to buy? Nobody knew me. It wasn’t so much important, but I would never want to use my name because you had to pay more money.

Jimmy: What names did you use?

Trump: I actually used a name Barron, and I ended up using my son. I made a good deal using that name. I used an alias in terms of setting up in a meeting with Donald Trump. And many people in the real estate business do that, and you have to. Nobody wants to pay more money.

So there you have it, folks. The way to Jedi mind trick Donald Trump is to tell him “It would be really funny if you were the ‘droid I’m looking for.”

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