Trump Again Proves He’s Clueless About Foreign Policy or What Advisors He Would Turn To

Trump Again Proves He's Clueless About Foreign Policy 

Another day, another botched interview in which Donald Trump has no good response about how to handle foreign policy.

On Monday’s Morning JoeMika Brzezinski exasperatedly exclaimed, “I think I’ll start off by asking you a question I’ve asked you three times now since we’re talking about foreign policy,” at the start of a phone-in interview with Trump (emphasis here, clearly, on the “phone-in” part).

Brzezinski continued, “I think it was twenty days ago now — our Town Hall — where you said you’d be announcing a foreign policy team. And you said then it would be a week. And last time we talked to you — last week — you said it would be ‘soon’.” The Town Hall Brzezinski referenced was a Trump event on MSNBC hosted by Brzezinski and cohost Joe Scarborough.

The issue has come up several times in a variety of cable news interviews and Town Hall sit-downs: who would the real estate mogul turn to in order to be properly educated about key foreign policy points? He has never given an answer of substance to this question, even telling Meet The Press in August that he gets his military advice from watching the Sunday shows. No, seriously. By that logic, General Chuck Todd, Rear Admiral Jake Tapper, and Lt. Colonel John Dickerson apparently top the list of Trump’s military leaders.

“You’ve mentioned one name: Jeff Sessions,” Brzezinski continued. “Who is on your foreign policy team?”

“Well, I’m not doing it this morning, Mika… I said I would have it in due time and I’ve been meeting with some tremendous people,” said the GOP frontrunner in the most  roundabout nonsense response of the day.

“I’ll be forming a team at the appropriate time,” Trump continued, and as Scarborough attempted to move the conversation onto the next topic, the look on Brzezinski’s face said it all: unfiltered, small-handed, bullsh*t. They doubled back to push Trump again on his utter lack of anything substantive, since it was clear to everyone in the room that he has no idea what he’s talking about and has no plan to finally answer this pressing question.

Brzezinski and Scarborough have been criticized, in this space and in many others, of having a “cozy” relationship of sorts with the GOP frontrunner, but as the duo made clear at the end of Tuesday’s interview, he is by far the most accessible candidate; although a hot mic picked up Trump at that same Town Hall encouraging Brzezinski to ask “nothing too hard,” today she dug in and was clearly frustrated with his lack of response, and we’ll be sure to cover the development in this dynamic as it relates to the foreign policy question that Trump frequently ducks.

Watch the above clip from MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

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