Donald Trump Doubts Obama’s Citizenship: ‘The Whole Thing Is Very Strange’

Donald Trump, in an interview on ABC’s Good Morning America, has expressed some doubt about President Obama’s citizenship, telling ABC’s Ashleigh Banfield that unlike the president, if people tried to learn more about his life, they’d have no problem finding people who remembered him from his childhood. By comparison, Trump suggests Obama is a man of mystery who only emerged later in life. “It’s very strange,” Trump said.

In the interview, which took place on Trump’s private jet, the potential presidential candidate says he’s willing to spend $600 million of his own money to bankroll a campaign. Trump also sized up potential GOP candidates from Sarah Palin to Mike Huckabee, talked about Charlie Sheen, and raised questions about the president:

“He grew up and nobody knew him. You know? When you interview people, if ever I got the nomination, if I ever decide to run, you may go back and interview people from my kindergarten. They’ll remember me. Nobody ever comes forward. Nobody knows who he his until later in his life. It’s very strange. The whole thing is very strange.”

Watch it here, from ABC News:

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