Donald Trump: GOP Has ‘Nuclear Weapon’ In Fiscal Cliff Negotiation, But They Don’t Know It

Donald Trump phoned into Fox & Friends on Monday morning to talk about — what else? — the fiscal cliff. Deeming all the drama surrounding the negotiations “politically irresponsible,” Trump highlighted what he saw at the GOP’s major point of leverage.

Trump argued against John Boehner‘s failed “Plan B,” asserting that there should be a big deal, or no deal at all. Going off the so-called cliff, he said, won’t have dire repercussions some have alluded to.

He went on to say that the president’s playing golf and other politicians “doing lots of nice things” with their families sends a “very bad signal” given that the country is in “limbo.”

The Republicans actually have a “very strong negotiation position,” Trump said. Which is: the debt ceiling. It could be “devastating to Democrats if the Republicans want to play that card,” he added. “The Republicans have tremendous power of negotiation, and I don’t think they know it.”

The debt ceiling is their “nuclear weapon,” Trump argued, and they should use it.

Watch below, via Fox News:

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