Donald Trump: I Will Sue Bill Maher If He Does Not Pay Up $5M

Donald Trump plans to sue Bill Maher if the HBO host does not pay the $5 million he wagered when asking the real estate mogul to release his birth certificate.

Earlier this week, while appearing on The Tonight Show, Maher made the offer of $5 million to charity of Trump releases his birth certificate and proves that he was not the “spawn” of his mother having sex with an orangutan.

A day later, Trump released his birth certificate and demanded Maher honor the wager and pay up soon.

Extra’s A.J. Calloway caught up with Trump, who said, “[Maher] made the offer, I accepted his offer, and he owes me $5 million, which I am going to give to charity. If doesn’t pay the money we will probably sue him.”

“You are going to sue him?” Calloway asked.

“I think so. I mean, he made an offer, we accepted the offer. I’d probably sue him,” Trump replied.

Watch below, via Extra:

[h/t Extra]
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