Donald Trump Jr. Appears to Support Comey Claim that President Trump Interfered on Flynn Investigation

As the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 general election continues, White House press staff have deferred all questions on the matter to President Trump’s legal team. In the newly created vacuum of surrogates close to the President, his son Donald Trump Jr. has arrived, providing commentary that might be good for a news cycle, may not be helpful to his father.

Take for instance his appearance last night on the Fox News program hosted by Judge Jeanine Pirro. When asked about how things have changed, he said (ostensibly speaking on behalf of the Trump family), “We were vindicated.” When pressed, he added that “everything that went on with the Comey testimony was basically ridiculous.”

But more notably, he seemed to counter one of the key moments of Comey’s testimony regarding his now famous leaked memo that recorded a private discussion he had in the Oval Office after Trump asked everyone else to leave the room. Comey has claimed that Trump had told him that he “hoped’ he could let the Michael Flynn investigation go.

The former FBI Director has made clear that he saw these comments as a direction to stop an investigation into the former NSA director, and White House critics have said that this amounts to obstruction of justice. The President’s supporters have defended Trump by saying that either that’s not a true account, and/or that “hoping” something happens does not amount to a direction.

Trump Jr. appeared to tell Pirro that when it comes to his father telling you something, “there is no ambiguity, there is not hoping.” He then added that his father “told Comey, you have got to do your job, but he didn’t do anything.” Some see Trump Jr.’s claim that his father’s alleged “hoping” that Comey could let the Flynn investigation go, was in fact a direction, which would almost certainly make the case of obstruction of justice stronger.

And then there’s the fact that his father denied saying that in the first place

Trump Jr.’s comments were not provided in a court of law, nor was he under oath. So there is little material effect these comments will have on the specific investigations into obstruction of justice or possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

These comments will, however, have a likely impact on the narrative that continues to evolve. And the effect it will have will almost certainly not help President Trump’s cause.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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