Donald Trump: My Wife Is ‘Very Much Into’ Women’s Health Issues


On Wednesday, The New York Times style section published a long article the breaks down the seemingly non-existant role of Melania Trump in her husband’s presidential campaign. As the log line for the story reads, “The spouse of Donald J. Trump, who is more than a quarter-century younger than her husband, is little seen and less often heard.”

Perhaps with that in mind, CNN’s Don Lemon asked Donald Trump in an interview set to air later tonight whether the American people can expect to see more of his fourth wife on the campaign trail in the near future.

“I think very much so,” Trump said. “She’s very much into the whole women’s health issues,” he added, referencing an issue on which he could probably use the help. “I think she’ll be amazing and I think Ivanka’s going to be amazing,” Trump said, referencing his daughter, who has been far more present in Trump’s campaign than Melania has.

Watch video below, via CNN:

For insight into why Melania Trump has stayed away from the public eye thus far, the Times’ Guy Trebay turned to pollster Frank Luntz, who suggested it is because she highlights her husband’s complicated history. “One reason is that Republicans take a traditional view of marriage,” he said. “And she is not a traditional spouse.”

During the second GOP debate on CNN, Trump neglected to mention his wife’s existence when he introduced himself to the crowd. And unlike other candidates who proposed putting their wives on the $10 bill, Trump suggested his daughter, Ivanka Trump. Several times, the candidate has suggested that if he were not Ivanka’s father, he would be interested in taking their relationship to the next level.

Melania Trump made her first major media appearance as part of the campaign this week, posing with her husband and their young son on the cover of People magazine and saying she’s “not ready to get political yet”:

“He is who he is,” Melania Trump said in the interview. “Even if you give him advice, he will maybe take it in, but then he will do it the way he wants to do it. You cannot change a person. Let them be. Let them be the way they are.”

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