Donald Trump: Occupy Wall Street Protestors Are ‘Down There For Dating Purposes’

On Wednesday’s Fox and Friends, Donald Trump said none of the Occupy Wall Street protestors knew what they were protesting. “A lot of them are down there for dating purposes!”

Anchor Gretchen Carlson had questioned the reality TV host/real estate tycoon for his take on Occupy Wall Street.

“I think they’re very well dressed,” Trump zinged. “George Lopez said they’re the best dressed protesters we’ve ever seen. One of them had a suit that was so beautiful, I want to find out who was their tailor.”

“When you can’t boil down your mission to one sentence, you can’t get the same explanation from two protesters!” exclaimed Brian Kilmeade.

“I know. Nobody knows why they’re protesting but they’re having a good time,” Trump observed. “I said on your show and it was picked up all over the place, a lot of them are down there for dating purposes! It’s true, they’re down there to meet people.”

“My question is are we all supposed to assume they’re unemployed?” Carlson queried.

“They don’t look unemployed,” responded Trump. “Some of them really don’t look unemployed. And their parents look like they really probably work on Wall Street.”

Watch the segment below, via Fox News:

(h/t TP)

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