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Donald Trump Picks the ‘Best’ President of the Last Four

If this short preview clip is any indication, Donald Trump’s appearance on Morning Joe, set to air Thursday, should be full of surprises. When Mark Halperin asked the newly-announced candidate to name the “best” president of the last four, he had to weigh some serious pros and cons.

He’s already called Barack Obama the “worst president in history,” so that took him off the table. Then, between George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush on one side and Bill Clinton on the other, he risked propping up one of his 2016 rivals.

The fact that Trump ended up naming Clinton proves that he has more interest, at this point, in knocking Jeb Bush down a peg than he does in criticizing Hillary Clinton.

After admiring Bill Clinton’s “spirit,” Trump added, “Frankly, had he not met Monica, had he not met Paula, had he not met various and sundry semi-beautiful women, he would have had a much better deal going.”

Watch video below, via MSNBC:

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