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Donald Trump Praises ‘Brilliant’ Mayor Bloomberg For ‘Putting His Money Where His Mouth Is’ On Guns

Donald Trump and Mayor Michael Bloomberg may not see eye-to-eye on gun control, but Trump heaped praise on the “brilliant” politician during his Monday morning call to Fox & Friends. Reacting to Bloomberg’s new $12 million campaign, Trump commended him for going all in.

Noting Bloomberg’s good intentions, Trump spoke positively of how he’s “putting his money where his mouth is.” The “brilliant” mayor is up a big fight, but has the competitive spirit to see it through.

As for himself, however, Trump argued, “I always say you have to take the guns away from the bad guys but that is not going to happen.” He deemed himself a “gun person” who champions the Second Amendment for the sake of protection. “You know, if there was ever kind of law passed where people turn in their guns,” he posited, “the good people are going to turn their guns in and bad people are not.”

Gretchen Carlson, however, steered the Trump in a slightly different direction: Is Bloomberg’s gun control advocacy an indicator of his interest in pursuing different political office?

Again, Trump was full of praise, asserting that, based on the “very good job” he’s done as mayor, it’s likely Bloomberg is mulling something else. He’s “going to be out there very strongly in some form.”

Eventually, the speculation will commence.

Take a look, via Fox News:

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