Donald Trump Refuses to Apologize For Rafael Cruz/JFK Smear: ‘I’m Just Referring to an Article!’


Fresh off of his sweeping victory in the Hoosier state on Tuesday, the newly-crowned presumptive nominee of the GOP Donald Trump appeared on no fewer than four morning shows to tout his win. While the conversations on most of those programs centered on the campaign suspension of Texas Senator Ted Cruz and the likely general election matchup against Hillary Clinton, ABC’s Good Morning America doubled back to a controversy from yesterday: the time that Trump casually opined that Rafael Cruz was linked to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

“Do you owe [Ted Cruz’s] father an apology for saying he was with Lee Harvey Oswald before JFK’s assassination? You don’t have the evidence of that,” asked George Stephanopoulos.

The likely Republican nominee then put on his best pair of soft shoes to tap dance his way out of the answer.

“All I was referring to was a picture that was reported in a magazine, and I think they didn’t deny it. I don’t think anybody denied it,” Trump responded. “I don’t know what it was exactly. It was a major story in a major publication, and it was picked up by many other publications…”

“It was the National Enquirer,” Stephanopoulos corrected.

For the most part, Trump has been largely complimentary of his closest rival Cruz in the hours since the Texas Senator announced that he would be dropping out of the campaign. Trump’s victory speech from New York Tuesday night did not include the renowned moniker “Lyin’ Ted,” as the real estate titan instead opted for the high road of humility. That line of rhetoric continued in his interviews Wednesday morning, as Trump was laudatory of Cruz and the fight he showed with his campaign.

But for all of the yuge things that Trump has built in his life, the one thing he evidently won’t consider building is a bridge to Rafael Cruz in the form of a mea culpa regarding the nonsensical Oswald flap.

“So no apology?” asked Stephanopoulos in earnest.

“I’m just referring to an article that appeared,” Trump offered, refusing to answer.

Watch the above clip from ABC’s GMA.

J.D. Durkin (@jiveDurkey) is an editorial producer and columnist at Mediaite.
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