Trump: I Would’ve Continued Presidential Run If Not For Becoming ‘Friendly With Romney’

Donald Trump joined The View panel today for “Guy-Day Friday,” and Whoopi Goldberg wasted no time asking him about his aborted run for the presidency. Trump had an interesting explanation for the way his campaign ended: “I was doing fantastically in the polls,” he said, “But I really became friendly with Mitt Romney; I liked what he said about China, about OPEC” and all the other institutions around the world that are “ripping us off.”

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Barbara Walters wanted to know if his friend Mitt Romney asked him to be his vice president, or serve in the Cabinet, if he would consider it? “I don’t want it for myself,” was Trump’s humble reply, “Somebody has to do something.”

Goldberg noted that if he received a high level government appointment he would probably have to lay off the Twitter feuds, the most recent of which was a blistering exchange with Cher, who called Mitt Romney a racist homophobe. Trump then told the singer/actress to cut it out with all the plastic surgery. Trump was pretty blasé in his reaction, arguing that not responding to hostility in kind can make you into a patsy. Besides, he loves Twitter — he used to dream of owning his own newspaper, but “Twitter is so much better!” I suspect the hypothetical Trump newspaper would only consist of a “Opinions” section.

You can see the clip here via ABC:

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