Donald Trump To Greta Van Susteren: ‘I Cherish’ The ‘Well-Dressed’ Wall Street Protesters

Donald Trump has been making the media rounds today, both for his meeting with 2012 candidate Herman Cain and taking a victory lap in Amanda Knox‘s name. On tonight’s On the Record, he also took some time to weigh in on the Occupy Wall Street protests against corporations and, in some respects, everything Trump stands for. Somewhat surprisingly, Trump told Greta Van Susteren he did “agree it’s time to protest,” even though he didn’t agree with this particular one, and “cherished” the political activity.

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Trump’s entire comments on this matter were rather surprising, starting with his initial impression of the protesters as “very well-dressed,” suggesting they were wealthy themselves: “probably half of their parents worked on Wall Street or for Wall Street-related groups,” he argued. “This is not a poor group of protesters.” That said, Trump added that he found them productive in some regards. “I cherish the protests in a way,” he told Van Susteren, because I may not agree with them as a group, but I do agree it’s time to protest.” Trump concluded that he did think “we should protest how poorly our country is doing,” particularly the fact that the American economy was “being eaten alive by countries that could care less about us, that are at economic war with us.”

The segment via Fox News below:

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