Donald Trump’s First Speech Was Basically Filled With Lies


This may be shocking to some, but newly-announced presidential candidate Donald Trump‘s announcement speech was filled with exaggerations and blatant lies.

The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler probably summed it up by declaring Trump’s speech “a fact checker’s dream…and nightmare. He spouts off so many ‘facts,’ often twisted or wrong, that it takes a lot of time to hack through the weeds.”

But hack they did. As a rule, the Post does not assign its trademark “Pinocchio” rating system to presidential announcement speeches, but it isn’t difficult to tell which claims they found were complete bull.

Among the more specious claims:

  • There are no Chevrolets in Japan. (Yes, there are)
  • ISIS built a luxury hotel in the Middle East. (Unconfirmed)
  • The “real” unemployment rate could be as high as 20%. (No)
  • “There are no jobs.” (There are at least some jobs)
  • We spent $2 billion on (Closer to $700 million)
  • Trump is worth $9 billion. (Probably not)
  • The Taliban leaders traded for Bowe Bergdahl return to the battlefield. (Nope)

While some of Trump’s claims don’t raise to the level of obvious falsehoods, they were completely unrealistic. His claim that he wouldn’t allow American companies to build cars in Mexico without paying a 35% tax would clearly contravene the North American Free Trade Agreement, to give one example. questioned nearly all of the same claims in their fact check, aptly headlined “Trump Tramples Facts.” Politifact granted Trump two Falses and a Pants on Fire— their lowest possible rating– for Trump’s claim that America’s quarterly GDP never drops below zero (it’s been below zero 42 times over 68 years).

Regrettably, none of the fact-checkers rated Trump’s statement that “you have to be hit by a tractor, literally, a tractor” in order to use Obamacare deductibles, presumably because it was so obviously hyperbole.

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