Donald Trump’s Take On Libya: ‘What Do We Get Out Of It And Why Don’t We Take The Oil?!’

Donald Trump returned to Fox & Friends today and said that the United States should be able to take oil from Libya, arguing that a deal should have been made for the U.S. to take 50 percent of the nation’s oil if the rebels were successful in overthrowing the Gaddafi regime.

Trump lamented that “our country’s going broke,” and wondered why the U.S. hadn’t considered negotiating over oil in the first place.

“You have all these rebels running around… Are they from Iran? Who’s gonna take over Libya? Who’s gonna take over the oil? So what do we get out of it and why don’t we take the oil? I mean, why aren’t we reimbursing ourselves?”

Trump also cited the phrase “to the victor goes the spoils,” and argued that the United States gets “nothing” out of the wars we are currently involved in. He predicted that the Libyan rebels “are going to be richer than the people in this country” because of their access to the nation’s oil reserves.

Watch the video of the segment here, courtesy of Fox News:

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