Donna Brazile Brings Papers to The Five Showing Obama’s Economy vs Trump’s, Jesse Watters Rips Them Up to ‘Pull a Pelosi!’

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The Five co-host Jesse Watters’ ripped up Fox News contributor and former DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile’s papers, Tuesday, as he shouted, “Hey, I pulled a Pelosi.”

Watters pulled the stunt as Brazile argued that the strong economy the United States is currently experiencing was built by former President Barack Obama.

“Trump inherited a strong economy that Barack Obama really helped to build. We all know that when he took office — President Barack Obama — the economy was in a ‘hole,'” Brazile declared. “We’ve gone from 10 percent unemployment to 4.7 percent when Barack Obama left office. It’s now at 3.5%. Hooray. 11 consecutive years of strong growth.”

“Things got better under Barack Obama. The stock market got better, wages started going up, the number of uninsured Americans went down, things got better under President Obama,” she continued. “Now the fact that President Trump inherited a 4.7 unemployment rate, remember, the stock market is one metric, but look at the most important metric and that his wages. Wages began to go up under Barack Obama.”

Brazile then told Watters, “I also have graphs and maps, anything you need…” before Watters ripped up her papers in front of her.

“Hey, I pulled a Pelosi,” he shouted. “You guys liked it when she did it.”

Brazile replied, “You know what, Jesse? You can shred it, it doesn’t matter, because what is important…” before she was cut off.

Later on in the show, Watters said he would apologize “when Nancy apologizes.”

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“My mom actually just texted me and she says, ‘Tearing that up was inexcusable, obnoxious, and beyond retched, as well as utterly disrespectful behavior. Apologize,’ so I will apologize… when Nancy apologizes,” Watters said.

“You know what? You should listen to your mother,” Brazile responded.

Watch above via Fox News.

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