Donny Deutsch On ‘Weinergate’: ‘Who Cares? Does That Not Make Him A Good Congressman?’

On Morning Joe, the panel tried their best to limit the amount of time they spent talking about the Twitter picture controversy involving Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner. While Willie Geist searched for the funniest newspaper headline discussing the story, Donny Deutsch didn’t see what the big deal was and wanted America to stop focusing on issues like this.

In a competition between New York Post’s “Battle of the Bulge: Weiner Exposed” and New York Daily News’ “Weiner’s Pickle,” Geist gave the nod to the pickle headline. Then he turned to “NBC’s Senior Crotch Shot Analyst” Deutsch.

Deutsch admitted “clearly it’s a picture of [Weiner] or he would have immediately said ‘it’s not me.'” Yet Deutsch offered some advice regarding what Weiner should have said including simply arguing “I’m a human being, it was sent to my wife and that’s what people do.” However, whether Weiner’s wife would have approved of such a statement if it wasn’t actually sent to her isn’t contemplated by Deutsch. Most important to Deutsch though, is that Weiner is a great politician:

“Who cares, by the way who cares? So what, does [this picture] not make him a good Congressman?”

NBC‘s Peter Alexander responded, that actually, it is worth caring about since it’s a question of judgment why a sitting Congressman would even have these types of pictures on his computer at all?

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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