Donny Deutsch Pokes Fun At Romney For Saying Michigan Trees Are ‘The Perfect Height’

On Friday morning, Morning Joe panelist Donny Deutsch decided to get to the bottom of one of life’s great unanswered questions, as inspired by GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney: What is the perfect height for a tree?

While in Michigan yesterday — a state where, as many of you know, his father had been Governor — Romney told Michiganders all about his love for their great state, including the fact that “the trees are just the right height” and “almost all of the cars are American-made.” An American utopia, basically.

Earlier in the program, the panel spoke with Michigan Governor Rick Snyder about Romney’s purported love of trees. Deutsch wanted to know what, exactly, is “the perfect height for a Michigan tree. Because Governor Romney says the trees there are just the right height.”

“Well, we have so many great trees,” said the Governor, rather diplomatically.

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“Here’s a diagram,” he told his colleagues. “It’s very serious. Can you get in closer? On what he needs, they’re all right-size trees. Here’s Mitt sunbathing and there’s a tree that’s blocking it.”

The drawing, as with all great works of art, prompted many deep questions, including “Are you drunk?”

“No,” Deutsch insisted, “he had a point there and I think people are mocking him and there is — there is proof.”

Have a look, via MSNBC:

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