Donny Deutsch: Trump So Fragile that Secret Service Act as ‘Fluffers’ to ‘Pump Him Up’

Donny Deutsch isn’t just your standard Morning Joe contributor who joins in the daily chorus of criticism of President Donald Trump. Mr. Deutsch also happens to be a kindred spirit to Mr. Trump: they both grew up in Queens, benefited from their father’s family business, and both have become reality television fixtures (to varying successes.)

They both have travelled in the same social circles, so when Deutsch reveals insights into how the president is being handled while enjoying a working vacation at his Bedminster Country Club, it’s probably more reliably sourced than other cable news pundits.

During a segment discussing presidential approval ratings that seem glued to the low 40’s, Deutsch painted a picture of a President “so fragile” that before he enters a room, Secret Service agents encourage guests to “say positive things” and pump Trump up, ultimately likening them to “fluffers.”

Deutsch said “somebody told me at his country club in Bedminister and Trump was about to walk into the room and some of the Secret Service guys came up, when you see the president, say positive things, pump him up.”

“Fluffers in the room, in effect,” he added.

For those unfamiliar with the term “fluffer” Wikipedia defines this role as “a person employed to keep a male porn performer’s penis erect on the set.”  Deutsch immediately recognized his strange comparison, and in a self-aware moment interrupted himself with, “Oh just said that word. Didn’t I.” He then clarified that the “fluffer” term was meant “metaphorically, of course.”

He finished his point, proclaiming that  “Donald Trump is at the point he’s so fragile and cannot ever, ever be in any interaction, any exchange in any room that’s just not pure lionization, canonization, and it defies any left brain logic.”

Watch the clip above courtesy of MSNBC.

Edit – A previous version of this article incorrectly labelled Mr. Deutsch as a “self-made man” but a clever reader pointed out that he took over the ad agency his father in fact founded. As always, we appreciate these sorts of reliable sources.

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