Donny Deutsch: Trump’s Press Briefing Stunt Was A ‘Let’s Keep America White Again’ Message


Morning Joe contributor Donny Deutsch believes that the Trump administration’s border security strategy is less about a border wall and more about sending a “let’s keep America white again” message to its base.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe opened Friday’s show with a split screen image that depicted the two sides of the current debate over funding for the border wall and the current government shutdown: On one side viewers saw newly appointed Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who was surrounded by children of fellow Congress members (of various race, creeds, and faiths), and on the other was President Donald Trump at the Press Briefing dais, behind him was several follically-challenged white men in favor of the border wall.

When asked to explain what Trump’s surprise press briefing stunt, Deutsch offered “That was very clear. I mean, you have four white men, you have four stoic, strong white men of a certain age, not smiling, by the way. Look, this is all Donald has left. This wall is not a wall. It is a let’s keep America white again and basically he doesn’t have the economy anymore.”

He continued to explain how a flagging economy can no longer be used as a rationale to excuse Trump behavior as a “jerk” and that Trump is suggesting that “either the black man or the brown man or the Jewish man or the banker man is coming to take your life — you’re not in position because of you, it’s because of everybody else.”

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