Don’t Mess With Barbara Walters! Guest Brings Up Walters’ Past Affair And Gets Scolded

On The View, this week there are a series of “Where Are They Now?” segments featuring interviews with guests who were the subject of scandals in the past. Jessica Hahn, a woman who had a brief sexual relationship with televangelist Jim Bakker in the 1980’s, was today’s guest and may have just extended her 15 minutes of fame by rattling co-host Barbara Walters and receiving a scolding for bringing up Walters own sexual history.

Hahn did not like the description of her encounter with Bakker as an “affair,” since she claimed the relationship was not consensual. Instead, in an attempt to possibly remind Walters what an affair truly is, she suggested that the television icon refer to Walters’ own memoir Audition where she revealed an actual affair with a married senator. Walters was not pleased being dragged into the discussion and icily declared “this is about you my dear, this is not about me, ok?” The awkward moment only progressed when Walters wondered aloud “where are we now?”

Watch the clip from ABC below:

(h/t Radar Online)

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