Don’t Mess with Chris Christie This Morning

A triumphant Chris Christie made the morning show rounds Wednesday, not as New Jersey governor but as head of the Republican Governor’s Association, which had an unexpectedly good night last night.

Still, Today host Matt Lauer tried to goad the risible governor about a recent run-in with a heckler, which more than one observer has said showcased the temper problem that threatens to tank him in an Iowa primary.

“Are you going to have to control that side of your personality to be seen as presidential outside the rough and tumble world of politics?” Lauer asked.

“You’re assuming I wasn’t controlled,” Christie replied.

Artist depiction of the silence that followed:

“Maybe I should say,” Lauer amended, very carefully, “instead of controlling that side, do you have to hide that side of your personality outside of New Jersey?”

“There’s no hope of that,” Christie said. Laughs were heard from the off-camera crew. Christie grinned a don’t-fuck-with-me grin. With several more shows to do, this wasn’t close to the end of his victory lap.

Watch the clip below, via NBC:

[Image via screengrab]

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