‘Don’t Play Us for Idiots!’ CNN’s Phil Mudd Blasts McMaster for His Statement on WaPo Report

CNN counterterrorism analyst Philip Mudd ripped into H.R. McMaster by saying that the White House National Security Advisor was “playing us for fools” with how he denied the explosive report from Washington Post tonight.

McMaster spoke to reporters outside of the White House, and he said that President Trump did not disclose “intelligence sources or methods” as his reaction to the story that Trump shared “classified information” with the Russian government. As Mudd spoke with Anderson Cooper about this, he said Trump’s sharing of information with the Russians was bad, but McMaster playing coy about the sources Trump declassified was worse:

“There are two elements of intelligence: what you know and how we know it. What you know about threats to aircraft and who told you. What he told us today is that the president did not reveal sources and methods. Who told us? He said nothing about what the president said in terms of the actual threat. Don’t play us for fools. If the president revealed the actual threat without revealing the source of the threat, please tell us and don’t play us for idiots. General McMaster really lost some credibility today, he should have been honest with us, he was not.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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