‘Don’t Talk Over Me!’ Gloria Allred Doesn’t Realize Don Lemon Is Trying To Help Her Out

All week long, CNN anchor has seemingly had at least one segment every night go off the rails, leading to him either fighting with a guest, shouting at the White House, or lecturing his panel to behave lest he stop the discussion right then and there.

Well, on Thursday night, we got another askew segment. And, once again, it featured Lemon battling with a guest as the conversation careened off course. However, in this instance, the anchor was merely trying to assist his panelist as she made her point. And she just wasn’t catching on.

Famed attorney Gloria Allred showed up to talk about the Bill Cosby mistrial. After a back-and-forth with CNN legal analyst Mark Geragos over the jury pool and potential re-trial, Allred began talking about the judge’s instructions to the jury about publicly discussing deliberations. As she went on, Lemon attempted to interject so he could play a clip related to her point.

And Allred wasn’t having it.

As Lemon tried to let her know he was going to run a soundbite, Allred not only kept talking, she was also getting angry that the CN host was interrupting her.

“Let me finish,” she exclaimed. “No, don’t talk over me! I want to address your point!”

“OK, can we play the soundbite,” Lemon said. “Gloria, I’m playing the soundbite so I can help you make your point.”

“Oh, ok” a chastened Allred replied.

Watch the exchange above, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]

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