Don’t Worry, Everybody! Eric Bolling Promises The Wall Street Protesters Are ‘About To Go Away’

This afternoon on Twitter, Andrew Napolitano alleged I was being unfair in my assertion that all the big cable channels were falling into strict party lines in their coverage of the Wall Street protests, asking if I had ignored his coverage. Perhaps he has a point and, if so, I apologize. Maybe I was distracted from the goings on over at The Five where, last week, Eric Bolling donned a tin foil hat to mock the protesters. Whatever, the case, soon we won’t have to worry about it anymore because, today, Bolling promised that the protesters would all be gone soon.

Oh, well, that’s good to know.

“Can I just point out, they call each other comrades, they have the support of the Nazi Party and the Communist Party. These people are fringe, they’re about to go away, as soon as the weather gets cold, they’re done.”

Man, it’s a good thing climate change doesn’t exist since Winter is the only thing protecting us from the radicals.

However, I’ve got to wonder what’s going to stop the protesters in the parts of the country (and, ahem, world) that don’t get cold?

Really, it seems like Bolling is fooling himself here. And, in the words of co-host Greg Gutfeld, it seems these folks need their own “tortured metaphor.” Again, with apologies to Mr. Napalitano, of course.

Watch the segment from Fox News below:

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