Don’t Worry, You’re Not on Ketamine, MSNBC is Just Tripping Out Right Now

If you were watching MSNBC around noon on Tuesday, you might have witnessed something that briefly convinced you that you had taken an inordinate amount of ketamine. Try not to panic, it wasn’t just you.

As Craig Melvin concluded MSNBC Live on Tuesday morning and tried to toss things over to Andrea Mitchell, there was nearly a full minute in which a technical issue impacted the audio — creating a trippy, distorted reverb effect. It’s unclear if Melvin could hear what was going on, but he seemed to blink quite a bit as the sound continued to echo, and MSNBC cut to commercial before Mitchell could take the wheel.

Mitchell took control after the break was over, by which time, the audio was back to normal.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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