‘Double Dealing at Its Worst’: MSNBC Legal Analyst Rips Giuliani Over Reports He Pursued Business in Ukraine


There’s new reporting today that while he was digging up information in Ukraine, Rudy Giuliani was pursuing business interests and apparently was in talks with Ukrainian officials that — had they gone through — would’ve garnered him a lot of money.

Per the Wall Street Journal:

The next day, Mr. Giuliani decided he couldn’t represent Mr. Lutsenko personally because he believed doing so would pose a conflict with his representation of the president, he said, but continued to consider the Ministry of Justice contract. He said he ultimately declined that one, too, and was never “paid a penny” in connection with the proposed arrangements.

On MSNBC this afternoon, legal analyst Glenn Kirschner said this is “pretty alarming” and “double dealing at its worst”:

“And then when you add into the mix that Rudy Giuliani apparently was also working as part of this sort of personal political errand, this back channel fake diplomat that Dr. Fiona Hill testified was his role, it looks like he’s going into triple dealing territory. And, you know, it’s such a tangled web at this point. But what I can tell you is that it looks like Rudy Giuliani, at a minimum, is violating legal ethical rules in the way he is dealing on behalf of his client.”

He brought up Giuliani’s recent crack about an “insurance policy” in case he’s thrown under the bus — something Giuliani’s own lawyer apparently insisted he call POTUS about those comments to say he was only kidding.

Katy Tur noted Trump appearing to distance himself from Giuliani’s Ukraine work yesterday. Kirschner said Trump may be “realizing that all of his bluff and bluster and all of his attacks on the process are not working.”

“And because he has no defense on the merits, it may very well be that at some point, Katy, he’s going to have to say, ‘You know what? Rudy Giuliani was apparently doing wrong in Ukraine. He may claim he was doing it for me, but I didn’t know anything about that part. So if somebody has to be held accountable, if somebody has to take the fall, it’s got to be Rudy Giuliani. And not me.’ You can almost see that defense forming in some of what we heard from President Trump recently,” he added.

You can watch above, via MSNBC.

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