Douglas Brinkley: Mattis and Kelly May Be Ignoring Trump Like Kissinger Did Nixon

Earlier today, MSNBC military analyst Jack Jacobs suggested that if President Donald Trump ordered a nuclear launch against North Korea, Defense Secretary James Mattis would defy Trump and refuse to carry out the order.

Jacobs isn’t the only one who thinks this might be the case.

During a CNN panel discussion this evening, presidential historian Douglas Brinkley compared Trump to Richard Nixon in that Nixon lost the confidence of his national security advisor at the end of the Vietnam War and his presidency.

“Nixon did go mad by ’73 and ’74,” Brinkley stated. “By the end of his administration, [Henry] Kissinger would go in and hear Nixon say bomb people to the bejesus. And Kissinger would say ‘Yes, sir,’ walk out and just disregard Richard Nixon.”

He then went on to say that it was possible that some of the generals on Trump’s staff, such as Mattis and Chief of Staff John Kelly, may start turning a deaf ear to the president.

“We may have a case where Mattis and Kelly are just sort of not listening to Donald Trump,” he noted. “I mean, he’s been deeply erratic this year.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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