Dr. Drew ‘Frustrated’ with Dolezal Interviewers: Don’t Give ‘Wiggle Room’

dr drew cnnRachel Dolezal gave a series of interviews earlier this week about her racial identity and how she identifies herself as black even though she was born white to a white family.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper took particular note of her line “creative non-fiction,” and very clearly called out some of the lies Dolezal told about her background. Sunny Hostin said she must feel like she “has to be black” in order for her story to be an authentic one.

Dr. Drew Pinsky said, “I’m almost more frustrated with the interviewers than I am with this poor woman.” He elaborated:

“I don’t know if she has an identity disorder… or a personality disorder, but the interviewers are clearly not used to talking to people like this, where you have to nail them down, you cannot give them wiggle room… You can’t go ‘Was it a lie?’ Well, then, you get obfuscation and smoke screens and all sorts of evasiveness.”

Pinsky even added, “I’m actually frightened for this woman. If she’s in the zone that I think she may be in, self-harm may not be too far down the line here, so I’m concerned.”

Watch the video below, via CNN:

[image via screengrab]

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