Dr. Evil Dishes to Fallon After Being ‘Fired’ From Trump Administration: The Wall ‘Was All Me’


Jimmy Fallon had an “exclusive” interview with the latest fired Trump administration official… Dr. Evil.

“Dr. Evil?!?” a surprised Fallon exclaimed.

“No, it’s Adam Levine,” Dr. Evil responded. “Of course it’s Dr. Evil, numb nuts!”

Dr. Evil, played by Mike Myers, told The Tonight Show host that he planned on being Secretary of Evil, but “Steve Bannon got that job.” He took credit for President Trump‘s “wall,” but clarified that he wanted it to be a “moat with spiky blowfish” and that he wanted Alec Baldwin to pay for it and not Mexico. However, he said that deporting DREAMers wasn’t his idea because even he “has limits.”

“I’m evil but I’m not a monster!” Dr. Evil said.

He told Fallon that he got along with HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson because they were both “evil doctors” who didn’t know why they were there and how he thought his spending of $30,000 of tax payer money on furniture was “particularly evil.” He also said that Donald Trump Jr. was “creepy AF.”

“He looks like he’s missing a facial feature. You just don’t know which one,” Dr. Evil swiped.

When asked what he was going to do after leaving the Trump administration, Dr. Evil told Fallon that he was going to spend more time “being evil” to his family and he plugged his own tell-all book, “Fire and Fury and Also Evil and More Fire and Also Magma Too.”

He also announced that he was running for president and even had a hat that said “Make The World Evil Again.” He also mentioned that he found a running mate who’s “even more hated than Donald Trump”… Mark Zuckerberg.

Watch the clip above, via NBC.

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