comScore DSCC Chair: Democrats Only Have 'Narrow Path' to Senate

DSCC Chair Sen. Van Hollen Says Dems Have Slim Shot at Senate: ‘We Do Have a Narrow Path’

Senate race forecasts overwhelmingly favor Republicans to keep the majority of the seats, but Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) doesn’t think it’s a done deal.

In a Meet the Press interview with Chuck Todd on Sunday, the senator said the situation “is a whole lot better than anyone would have predicted 18 months ago when Republicans were saying that they might win another eight seats and have a filibuster-proof majority in the United States Senate.”

“We do have a narrow path to a Senate Democratic majority,” he contended. “It’s a narrow path and it requires holding a lot of these very tough seats and then picking up one of the four or five Republican seats where we’re competing.”

While Van Hollen sees a chance for the left to gain control, he stressed that the most important factor was getting out the vote.

“As you know, everything comes down to turnout,” he told Todd. “We’ve got more than seven Senate races that are down to the wire, margin of error, so it’s all about turnout.”

Watch the clip above via Meet the Press.

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