Duck Dynasty Nephew to Run Against the GOP’s ‘Kissing Congressman’

This is the Modern Times, everyone: Married GOP congressman gets caught making out with his assistant; congressman announces he won’t run for re-election, because he becomes national joke; congressman then kind-of changes his mind; congressman then gets challenged by man who is the nephew of reality TV stars.

Such is the story of Rep. Vance McAlister (R-LA), who we covered a few months ago after he was caught on camera macking on a woman who was definitely not his wife (Poor guy only lasted six months without a scandal).

After he announced that he would not run for re-election — followed by a careful non-retraction retraction — a Real American has stepped up to challenge him in November. And that Real American is Zach Dasher, a 36-year-old who has never run for office. He announced his candidacy today, according to the New York Post.

Dasher, who is running on a platform of conservatism (“he oppose[s] the federal health overhaul and abortion and supports a constitutional amendment requiring that Congress balance the budget”), also happens to be the nephew of Phil and Silas “Uncle Si” Robertson. Ironically, the support of the Duck Dynasty stars got McAllister elected to Congress in the first place.

Et tu, Phil Robertson? McAllister took your son Willie as his date to the State of the Union! See them? Pictured above with Willie’s wife? Betrayal.

[Image via Vance McAllister/Twitter]

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