Durbin Mocks Trump’s Negotiating Skills: ‘I Can’t Believe This Man Wrote a Book Called The Art of the Deal’


Sen. Dick Durbin waded into dangerous territory in an appearance on Morning Joe Monday, mocking an easily offended President Donald Trump for his most prized possession: his negotiating skills.

The Illinois Democrat — who teamed up with South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham on an immigration deal to fix DACA, fund a border wall, and eliminate the diversity visa lottery — explained on MSNBC how the Trump White House scuttled his bipartisan proposal.

And Durbin laid the blame squarely on Stephen Miller, the president’s 32-year-old adviser, known for his fierce anti-immigration views.

“Stephen Miller was in overdrive,” Durbin said. “As soon as we produced the bill and started calling for the vote, they put out a four-page memo on this bill that we proposed, that was the most scurrilous, ineffective and ridiculous arguments.”

The memo, according to Durbin, accused his bill of trying to “flood this country with illegal immigrants.”

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough noted that while Trump wants to solve DACA, but “the president of the United States is constantly getting vetoed by a 30-something year old staffer.”

Durbin went on to explain how Trump said he would leave the immigration deal to the senate to work out, but then “48-hours later completely reversed himself.”

“He — as Chuck Schumer often says — is like negotiating with Jell-O,” Durbin said. “I can’t believe this man wrote a book called The Art of the Deal.”

Durbin should expect a presidential tweetstorm coming his way for that burn.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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