During ‘Excellent’ Meeting At White House, Trump Calls Obama a ‘Very Good Man’

President-elect Donald Trump met with the President Barack Obama at the White House today, less than two days after Trump’s stunning upset of Hillary Clinton.

Following a meeting that went roughly an hour and a half, Trump and Obama addressed reporters to describe their discussion. Obama noted that it was an “excellent conversation” and and that his goal was to facilitate a peaceful transition of power.

He also noted that his wife, Michelle Obama, had met with Melania Trump to brief her and that their conversation was “excellent” as well.

Trump spoke, mentioning that their discussion was supposed to only last “10 or 15 minutes” but that it could have gone on longer than the 90 minutes it did. He expressed how he would seek out Obama’s counsel in the future. He also pointed out that this was the first time they’ve ever actually met.

“Mr President, it was a great honor being with you,” Trump said. “And I look forward to being with you many more times in the future.”

After they wee done giving their remarks, Obama stated that they wouldn’t be taking any questions. He then leaned over to Trump and said, “It’s a good rule — don’t answer questions when they start.”

As Obama was shooing the reporters out, Trump said the following, “Very good man — very good man.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]

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