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Dylan Ratigan Responds To Glenn Beck…With Chalkboard, Red Phone

Dylan Ratigan decided to use Chalkboard Journalism for his response to FNC’s Glenn Beck during his MSNBC show yesterday.

After Beck (and others, like Rush Limbaugh) knocked Ratigan’s climate change/Snowpocalypse segment, Ratigan wanted to set the record straight.

“Now in addition to that being completely wrong on so many levels, it’s also a total misrepresentation of the climate change theory I was attempting to explain,” said Ratigan after playing a clip from Beck’s show. Ratigan said that this was his main point: “I do not believe this storm is proof of climate change, and I do not believe this storm is not proof of climate change.”

Then it was time for the chalkboard, and later a red phone. Hey, it works for Beck, why shouldn’t Ratigan try to mix it up on his still fairly new 4pmET show?

There was also this parting shot in which Ratigan would probably welcome a response from the FNC juggernaut. “I also know you can cover the climate change debate without reducing yourself to this level of stupidity, just to have fodder for your lefty-righty games,” he said.

Check out Ratigan’s response below – and after, an appearance by MSNBC’s new climate change pundit, Bill Nye, The Science Guy:

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