Ebola Nurse Trashes Christie’s Vaccine Comments: ‘Unfounded in Science’

Nurse Kaci Hickox, who was infamously quarantined by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in a tent outside a Newark hospital last fall after returning from treating Ebola patients in west Africa, took on her old nemesis on All In with Chris Hayes Monday night over his vaccination comments.

“I think this is a good example of Gov. Christie’s making some very ill-informed statements,” Hickox said. “We heard it a lot during the Ebola discussion, and now it seems to have happened again.”

While quarantined Hickox threatened to sue Christie for her freedom, prompting a bellicose response from the governor (“get in line”) before he relented and allowed her to return home. Many saw Christie’s statement yesterday that parents should be allowed “some measure of choice” on vaccinations at odds with his readiness to quarantine health workers over ebola fears.

“I think the unfortunate thing or the scary thing is that I want a leader who consults experts and thinks about all of the different sides to an issue before making statements and policies that are unfounded in science,” Hickox said.

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:

[Image via screengrab]

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