comScore Ed Henry, Pete Hegseth Skirmish Over Trump Impeachment

Ed Henry Pushes Back on Pete Hegseth: If Trump’s ‘In Such Great Shape,’ Why Not Cooperate With Impeachment Probe?

Fox News hosts Ed Henry and Pete Hegseth had a bit of a skirmish on Sunday as they debated whether President Donald Trump’s administration should cooperate with the House impeachment inquiry.

As Fox & Friends talked about the latest development surrounding the impeachment push, Hegseth said that “Democrats are in really bad shape, and when the president talks about how much support he has from Republicans, he’s absolutely right.”

“But if the president’s in such great shape,” Henry countered, “why is he not cooperating with the investigation if there’s no there there.”

“Because if an investigation is a sham, you validate it by par…” Hegseth responded before Henry interjected to say “you’ve called it a sham.”

“Well he believes its a sham,” Hegseth continued. “If you believe its a sham from the beginning, then cooperating [with] it is validating it.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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