Ed Henry Responds To Tom Brokaw’s W.H. Correspondents Dinner Criticism: It’s Also About Charity

Fox News Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry spoke with host Brian Kilmeade on his radio program Kilmeade and Friends Monday morning, where he offered his response to comments Tom Brokaw had made on Sunday’s Meet the Press about the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Brokaw, you’ll recall, had said that, as he sees, “it is time to rethink” the dinner, adding that “I don’t think the big press event in Washington should be that kind of glittering event where the whole talk is about Cristal champagne… who had the best party, who got to meet the most people. That’s another separation between what we’re supposed to be doing and what the people expect us to be doing, and I think the Washington press corps has to look at that.”

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Henry told Kilmeade that, while he respects Brokaw, he must point out that the annual dinner is about more than celebrities — it’s also about raising scholarship money for journalism students in need. He also pointed out that Brokaw had neglected to mention that Italian Embassy party mentioned by Brokaw is hosted by none other than MSNBC. “He didn’t mention that,” said Henry, while agreeing that the Dinner must take care not to merely appear to be a “celebrity-fest.”

Have a listen, via Kilmeade and Friends:

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