Ed Henry: Senior White House Officials Want a Long Senate Impeachment Trial

Fox News chief national correspondent Ed Henry claimed on Friday that senior White House officials had told him they want to drag the Senate impeachment trial against President Donald Trump out for as long as possible.

“I remember I was covering Congress at the time in 1998 and it seemed much more solemn. We were at a different time,” Henry declared. “It seemed like everybody was intensely at each other’s throats and that we would never see such a divided time in our political history. Oh, how I was wrong. It’s so far much more divided.”

“This partisan vote today. The fact of the matter is Nancy Pelosi began this process just a few months ago saying you can’t move forward unless you have some bipartisanship,” he continued. “She would point the finger at Republicans and say that they haven’t bought into any of this investigation, but Republicans would say based on how it was not just put together, but the fact that at the end of this process, think about the articles, the substance of what they just voted on, there’s not a single crime in there.”

“Bribery, which we heard from Adam Schiff for weeks. Weeks on weeks. Not in there. Instead, it comes down to obstructing Congress, abuse of power. Republicans think they can swat that away, and I think your interview with Pam Bondi is quite instructive,” Henry proclaimed, adding, “I’m hearing from senior people inside the White House they want as long a Senate trial as they can get because they think this case is falling apart and they want to see Democrats — I’m told by people close to the president — they want to see Democrats own this bill and they want them to wallow in this because they think it’s gonna boomerang.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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