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Ed Henry to Elizabeth Warren Spox Over Super PAC ‘Flip Flop’: ‘What Happened to Your Candidate’s Moral Backbone?’

Fox News host Ed Henry didn’t hold back Friday morning ripping into an Elizabeth Warren’s spokesperson Allison Stephens over the Warren campaign now being supported by a Super PAC.

The Massachusetts Senator and Democratic presidential candidate falsely claimed at a CNN town hall event Thursday night that she has not changed her position on refusing help from Super PACs, even when she was confronted with hard and irrefutable evidence this is not true.

Henry began the segment by hitting Stephens with a question about the “Persist PAC” and why the senator is “flip-flopping.”

“She swore off that money. And yet, now of a sudden she is flip-flopping, why?” Henry asked.

“Well, I certainly can’t speak for Senator Warren directly. I can only say that generally speaking, Super PACs and other organizations are autonomous from candidates. And I haven’t heard her deviate from her previous statements on the need to take money out of politics. But I will tell you — that when it comes to presidential candidates, my role is to represent the needs of people in Nevada,” Stephens responded.

Henry then doubled-down on the questioning of if Warren had flip-flopped on her position regarding Super PAC’s contributing to her campaign.

“This is a big departure from what she’s pledged all along. In the primaries, she said among other things — Elizabeth rejects the help of super PACS and would disavow any Super PAC formed to support her in the Democratic primary — this is on her campaign website. We’ve got to overturn Citizens United. Because our democracy is not for sale. In the meantime, Democrats should so moral backbone by refusing their own Super PAC’s in the 2020 primary. What happened to your candidate’s backbone?” Henry asked again of Stephens.

Stephens dodged the question while adding, “That is still posted and what she is saying,” adding, “Those are autonomous.”

“You’re right. That’s still on the website,” Henry exclaimed.

“Is she flip-flopping simply because she is getting desperate for more money and needs the money from big donors?” Henry asked for the third time.

“Again, that’s your characterization and not mine. My focus here is on the Nevada caucus and the needs of the people of Nevada…” Stephens fired back, not answering the question at hand.

“She is holier than thou on the big issues…Are you worried her brand is damaged by taking Super PAC money?” Henry asked for the fourth time in the interview.

Stephens repeated, “Your characterization, not mine…”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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