Ed Rendell On Team Obama’s Bain Attacks: ‘Went A Little Bit Too Far With The Felony Business’

Mitt Romney made headlines yesterday following Boston Globe‘s story that reported that Romney was at Bain Capital for longer than he’d said. In the frenzy that followed, Team Obama also made headlines for asserting that if Romney misrepresented the information in the SEC filings, it could be a felony. Former Gov. Ed Rendell responded to the news on Friday, warning his fellow President Obama supporters that they “went a little bit too far with the felony business.”


On Alex Wagner‘s show on MSNBC, Rendell first noted that the issue of Romney’s not releasing multiple years of tax returns could be “a great ad in the making” — particularly juxtaposed with George Romney, Mitt’s father, who said one year could just be a fluke. He then went on to mention yesterday’s developments.

“But on the other hand, I think Carol also made a very good point about all this attack may be hurting the president’s brand a little bit, too,” Rendell said. “I think our supporters went a little bit too far with the felony business.”

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He later said, “I’m not sure it does us well to be saying it” — adding, “It’s okay if the press says it.”

Take a look, via MSNBC:

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