Ed Rendell To CNN: ‘I’m Not Sure [Obama] Is Going To Win’

Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell told CNN’s Jessica Yellin today that, in 2008, he thought the Obama campaign was far too serious to make it to November, and he’s still “not sure” the President will win this go around. In an interview on John King USA today, Rendell confessed that, while the President “should” win, he wasn’t sure it would happen.

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“Do they take themselves too seriously?” Yellin asked, to which Rendell said yes, and told an anecdote about how he made a joke about President Obama’s flag pin on television once that earned him a stern phone call from David Axelrod. “They never got a sense of humor, but they made it till November,” he noted, smiling, though later adding that he was concerned. “I’m not sure he’s going to win– he should win,” he told Yellin. “He inherited the worse set of problems of any president in my lifetime,” he asserted, but Rendell advised the President to not run so much on his record but, rather, “shift to stressing the future.”

The segment via CNN below:

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