Ed Rollins Blasts Whistleblower as ‘Treasonous’ to Lou Dobbs, Who Says Trump Faces ‘Mortal Combat’ Over Impeachment


Fox Business host Lou Dobbs and his frequent guest, Republican strategist Ed Rollins, erupted at the ongoing impeachment of President Donald Trump, respectively warning that Trump was locked in “mortal combat” with House Democrats and that the “spying” by the anonymous White House whistleblower was “treasonous.”

Dobbs and Rollins, who are among the most ardent Trump supporters, excoriated the House inquiry into Trump’s Ukraine scandal as having spawned from a broader CIA spying campaign against the president.

“When [Trump] became president, they actively worked against him ever since Inauguration Day. I think to a certain extent, the idea that the whistleblower is a CIA, the CIA is not a law enforcement agency… it’s a spy agency. It’s not supposed to be spying on us, it’s supposed to spying on them, ” Rollins said. “The idea that a guy who wasn’t even in the White House, who left the White House — suspect who left the White House when Trump came in and then basically is still spying on the President of the United States, that is treasonous. Now he doesn’t even have to testify.”

“You know what else is treasonous, is what the radical Dems are doing right now in Congress, this pretext of an inquiry of impeachment, this is ridiculous,” Dobbs replied. “A lot of people say he should have fired Comey the second he got into the White House. But he’s trying to be fair and he’s trying to be measured. Even presidential as some of his critics speak. But what we are watching now, this is a White House that is in absolute mortal combat, because the Democratic Party means to destroy this president to destroy everything, in fact, about this country that absolutely values: due process, innocent until proved guilty, and just getting the hell out of the way once an election is over.”

But Dobbs and Rollins didn’t just reserve his invective for Democrats, they also took dead aim at Senate Republicans, who he claimed were insufficiently loyal to the president.

“What are they doing?” Dobbs said, outraged. “Richard Burr, the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and Lindsey Graham, who’s never seen a microphone or camera he didn’t like, the author of so many opposing soundbites and inconsistencies to the point of eccentricity, instead he has done nothing to investigate, nothing to set the record straight, nothing to defend this president other than run his mouth. It’s time he does something more than just play to which way the wind is blowing at any given hour on any given day.”

“When you are a windmill every day, the wind blows a different direction,” Rollins added. “That’s Lindsey. He’s a windmill every day.”

Watch the video above, via Fox Business Network. 

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