Ed Schultz Absent for Final MSNBC Show; Guest Host Pays Muted Tribute

This is how the Ed will end: Not with a bang, but a whimper.

The Ed Show was the last of three cancelled MSNBC shows to air its final episode on Friday. And while The Cycle gave a group farewell to conclude their hour, and Now with Alex Wagner exited with laughs and some cussing, Ed was strikingly muted in its exit.

First and perhaps most importantly, Ed Schultz wasn’t even present to give his final MSNBC farewell — due to “pre-existing scheduling conflicts,” MSNBC told us.

Instead Michael Eric Dyson guest-hosted the full hour and saved the goodbyes for a question to progressive journalist John Nichols: “What has The Ed Show meant for middle-class Americans over the past six years?”

“If this show wasn’t around, I think some fundamental issues — like trade policy — wouldn’t have been explored,” Nichols replied. At its nadir, The Ed Show only had 25k demo viewers watching.

“He’s a big fellow with an even bigger heart,” Dyson responded. “He’s given his life and devoted commitment to the causes of working-class and middle-class people. That’s something that’s pretty extraordinary.” Nichols added a few words about Schultz’s “courage,” noting that the host had made the humility to change his heart on issues like the Keystone XL pipeline.

“That’s the last Ed Show,” Dyson concluded. “Please follow my brother Ed at, goodnight.”

Watch below, via MSNBC:

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