Ed Schultz And Dylan Ratigan Make Up: ‘We’re Two Dogs In The Yard’

Following a bit of a dust-up during yesterday’s post-POTUS press conference coverage on MSNBC, The Ed Show host Ed Schultz appeared on Dylan Ratigan‘s The Dylan Ratigan Show to clear the air. Ratigan began by apologizing to MSNBC’s audience (for an awesome bit of television?) for distracting from an important debate, and to Schultz for interrupting him. “Both of us are not only passionate about America and jobs, but we are friends and colleagues,” Ratigan told his audience.

Schultz accepted Ratigan’s apology, and lampooned his own fiery persona by mock-yelling, “And I wanna tell you something else!”

The pair went on to discuss how they can “create the debate America deserves.”

Schultz argued the merits of incremental progress, versus the frustration with the scale of the problem that Ratigan expresses.

They concluded with an exchange of collegial respect, and a recognition of their respective passions. “We’re two dogs in the yard,” Ratigan said.

Here’s the clip, from MSNBC:

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