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Ed Schultz Backhandedly Praises Gov. Chris Christie For Thanking FEMA After Irene

After a dramatic weekend in which New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took the helm in evacuating his state, the governor praised FEMA employees for their work in helping those who were most affected. The irony of a governor who rose to power attacking federal employees, in his view, wasn’t lost on Ed Schultz, who thanks the governor for putting partisan politics aside, but implored him to lay down his arms against government worker benefits and spending.

After reading an excerpt of Gov. Christie’s speech as it aired on his program, Schultz turned to the camera approvingly, telling the governor, “I give you credit because, at a time of life or death, you put left, right, blue, green, center, Republican, Democrat– you put it aside and you admitted to the country that government has a function, that government has a positive function.” He noted that those he was applauding in his speech were “government employees that you have attacked” by calling for a cut in government employee benefits, and offered the moment as a reminder that the working class needed help.

“How about just asking the top 2% of the country clubbers to pay a little bit more?” he suggested. Schultz concluded by thanking Christie for “disqualifying yourself from the Republican nomination” by praising the federal government, “because none of the Republicans think the government does anything worth a damn.”

The segment via MSNBC below:

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