Ed Schultz Bashes Eric Bolling For Attacking President Obama’s Air Force One Use

Ed Schultz and Eric Bolling have a pretty longstanding cable news rivalry of sorts, one that goes back and forth on issues from who is maybe drinking to grabbing drinks together to maybe not doing that, and policy disagreements, sometimes. The latest barb was thrown in Bolling’s direction, and for the last of those reasons, as Schultz blasted the Fox News host for disagreeing with President Obama’s use of Air Force 1.

Calling Bolling a “blowhard,” Schultz complained, “this guy is complaining about President Obama using AF1 to talk to the American people!” He then played a clip of Bolling adding up the amount of money that goes into flying Air Force One across the country during his post-State of the Union round. “Fox News has the stupidest viewers on the face of the earth to think that this is a story or an issue,” Bolling yelled, accusing Bolling of “maybe been having too many cool ones across the street.” He then explained that “presidents routinely tour the country on Air Force One after the State of the Union” and that President George W. Bush, too, had done it.

Update: Bolling issued a rebuttal, of sorts, on Facebook and Twitter: “I was wondering why all the Libnuts attacking I was that old guy on MSNBC..what’s his name… Mister Ed?”

The segment via MSNBC below:

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