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Ed Schultz Slams Dana Perino, Rep. Joe Barton For “Fear-Mongering” About…Light Bulbs

Ed Schultz devoted his “Psycho Talk” segment today to Dana Perino, former White House Press secretary under George W. Bush, and what he saw as her misguided views on an unusual topic: lightbulbs. If you never expected a news show to devote a segment to fact-checking statements about lightbulbs…well, join the club, though it did allow for several light-related puns.

Schultz analyzed remarks Perino made on a recent episode of Fox and Friends, where he described her role as “run[ning] her mouth on the latest righty talking points.” He added that she “does a pretty good job of it,” which is the definition of “damning with faint praise” if we’ve ever heard it. Perino said on the program that she “started panicking” at an energy bill (signed by President George W. Bush) because it “included a ban on incandescent lightbulbs.” Schultz decried this as “completely wrong,” and that the bill “eliminates inefficient lightbulbs. Light goin’ on?*”

Schultz also railed against Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX), for decrying the higher price of the “pig-tailed” CFL bulbs without noting that, in Schultz’s words, “last a hell of a lot longer.” We might be mercifully past last week’s near-dead-period for news, but devoting even this two-plus-minute segment to lightbulbs proves we’re not yet completely out of the dark**. Video of the segment, via MSNBC, below.

*Other light-related puns: the subtitle of the segment being “Not That Bright,” Schultz calling Perino’s assertion about incandescent bulbs “worse than a shot in the dark.”

**This line constitutes my audition to write the punny text for cable news graphics.

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